Welcome to Excel Testing. Excel Testing offers the Nursing Assistant competency exam for Nursing Assistants in New Hampshire as required for licensure by the NH Board of Nursing. The competency exam consists of both a written portion and a clinical skills portion.

We pride ourselves on our timely and accurate score reporting to not only candidates but to their program Coordinators and the NH BON as well. Our tests meet all federal guidelines and has been selected as a testing provider for NH by the NH Board of Nursing. Our tests are always being evaluated for quality assurance and we believe are an accurate measurement of the candidate’s abilities and knowledge.

For more information regarding our tests, benefits for the LNA programs who administer our tests, and candidate information, please click on the links above.

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Nurse Aide Media is proud to announce "Clinical Skills 101," an Instructional skills DVD that reviews all of the important skills you should know as a Nurse Aide and caregiver.

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Nurse Aide Competency Test Guide


Are you a Nurse Aide who has been out of the field and looking to brush up on your clinical skills? Are you preparing to take a Nurse Aide licensing exam and need to review how to properly preform during the skills test? Do you care for a friend or family member and want to learn proper techniques for activities of daily living? We can help you with that!

NH Nurse Aide Competency Exam Schedule